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Totally British Magazine

"Totally British" is Canada's own monthly British celebrity, television, music, lifestyle, fashion, UK entertainment and recipe magazine.

Totally British is produced by the publishers of the very popular "British Canadian" newspaper and is on news stands everywhere for the very modest price of $4.99.

Or get it fast shipped direct your home for the cover price of $4.99 plus $3.00 shipping plus applicable taxes (Canada only).

Order the February 2013 issue here:

Blackpool Rock

Kiss Me Quick
Blackpool Rock is a legendary British candy. Along with donkeys on the beach, the famous tower and sleazy "Kiss Me Quick" hats, it is a recognized symbol of the famous northwest England seaside resort.

How The Heck Do They Do That?
Blackpool rock's most recognizable feature is the word "Blackpool" running all the way through the length of each stick.

The process starts with boiling a mixture of sugar and glucose at high temperature. The mixture is then poured onto a large flat sheet where it cools.

Chop Chop
Some of the mixture is cut away and dyed the characteristic pink colour for the casing, Another big chunk of the mixture is cut away and dyed red for the lettering. The remaining white mixture is flavoured with peppermint.

Each letter is formed by hand - about fist-sized - from the red-dyed sugar mixture and wrapped in white sugar mixture. The letters are assembled to form the complete word "Blackpool" then rolled into a thick cylindrical shape and wrapped in the pink casing mixture.

Cylinders of handmade rock candy are then rolled and stretched to a length of thirty feet before being cut to length and wrapped in cellophane for sale.

Blackpool Rock is available for just $2.49 at Blighty's.

Horlicks - the Original Malted Milk Drink

Horlicks has been made since the days when sailing ships plied the world's oceans bringing exotic goods from the far flung corners of the world into British ports.

Horlicks is a malted milk drink made from wheat, malted barley and milk. It is a rich source of vitamin D which is an essential aid to calcium absorption. Horlicks is caffeine-free and contains no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives.

Horlicks is traditionally used as a bedtime drink. Its sweet, malty flavour will lull you into a nice relaxed mood ready for a good night's sleep.

A 200g jar of Horlicks is just $3.99 at Blighty's.

Polo Mints

Polo "the mint with a hole" is one of Britain's favourite candies. Introduced by Rowntree of York in 1948 (now part of the Nestle family) Polo Mints have remained one of the best sellers in the UK and in every corner of the world where fans of traditional British candies can be found.

Horses also love Polo Mints. Perhaps they are attracted by the delicious peppermint aroma. The Duchess of Cornwall regularly feeds Polo Mints to her horses. Since Blighty's is located close to a lot of horse farms we often meet customers who are buying up handfuls of  Polo Mints for their "Polo ponies".

When we break the seal on a fresh case of Polo Mints here at the store the minty fresh aroma spreads all around the shop. Keep a pack in your pocket for their refreshing minty flavour - and for when you meet a horse!

Blighty's price $1.29 per tube.

Greens Sponge Cake Mix

Great baking made easy ... simply add an egg and water.

Brighton baker Horace Green believed that baking was the most heartfelt way to show you care. He created deliciously simple baking mixes for everyone to make and share. And families have been doing just that for over a hundred years.

This pack of mix makes one plain sponge cake but suggestions are included for turning it into:
Lemon drizzle cake ... or
a Chocolate Cake ... or
an Orange Sponge Cake ... or
a Coffee & Walnut Cake ... or
a Pineapple Upside Down Cake!

Just $3.79 at Blighty's.

Cadbury Cocoa for Drinking or Baking

A Great Little Mixer
Cocoa is a traditional cold-weather drink in the United Queendom. Mix a couple of spoonfuls of the powder with a drop of milk to make a chocolately paste, then stir in hot milk for a comforting and nourishing hot drink.

But traditional cocoa has been largely replaced by "hot chocolate" mix - a concoction prepared from cocoa, powdered milk and sugar. Tragic really, because real cocoa has real health benefits ... or not.

What is Cocoa?
Cocoa powder is the ground component of cocoa beans after coconut butter has been removed. It is the component that gives chocolate its chocolatey flavour! Cadbury Cocoa Powder is made from 100% cocoa beans.

How Can I Use Cocoa to Get Fat?
Let's face it, not everyone cares about all the wonderful minerals and stimulants in pure cocoa powder, or that it is naturally low in fat. If you just want to use it because you love the flavour of chocolate, you have options.

1. Simple Chocolate Mousse
Stir a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a tablespoon of sugar into thickly whipped cream. Gently mix with some prepared Knox brand gelatin and leave in the fridge until set. Will clog your arteries but tastes great!

2. Chocolate Cake
Bake a big beautiful sponge cake using Greens Sponge Cake Mix (available at Blighty's and online). The instructions are on the packet. Just add a dollop of cocoa powder to the mix and ... voila ... chocolate sponge cake! Oh, and go for a jog afterwards (1 mile per mouthful of cake please).

3. Chocolate Custard
Add 1 tablespoon of sugar to 2 cups of milk and warm in a saucepan. In a small cup or measuring jug add 2 heaped teaspoons of cocoa powder and 2 heaped teaspoons of corn starch and a splash of cold milk; stir until smooth. Stir into the warmed milk and continue to heat the milk until it thickens. Pour over a honking big helping of your chocolate cake and feast your face off.

Marks & Spencer Custard Creams

Imagine this; it is mid-afternoon, supper is a long way off and you have the munchies. Fill the kettle, slap it on the Aga and throw a coupla bags of your favourite tea in the pot. Grab a plate, throw a doyly on it and spread some Custard Creams out.

When you hear the whistle and see the steam rising above the Aga, get ready for some sit back and relax time in your favourite easy chair.

Oh My Gawd!
The doyly is optional but if you have friends round it helps to preserve your reputation when they see you dunk your Custard Cream in your cuppa.

The Umpire Strikes Back
The Custard Cream has been voted Britain's favourite biscuit (or cookie, if you prefer). Custard Creams are a sandwich biscuit filled with a delicious, smooth vanilla cream. A perfect accompaniment to tea in the club house after a jolly game of cricket.

Wow, That Cheap?
Lots of delish biccies for $2.99, brilliant!