Shipping Outside Canada

Canada's blighty's Tuck Stores

Blighty's is a CANADIAN-based business.

We welcome online customers anywhere in the world to browse our selection of imported Great British food, candies & gifts. But please note:
1. We cannot ship food & candy to destinations outside Canada

2. Shipping charges are calculated automatically at checkout for Canada only. Additional shipping charges will be incurred if your shipping address is outside Canada. You will be contacted with the option to pay a shipping surcharge or cancel your order with a full refund.

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"Best Before" Dates

Many food and candy products have a "best before" date stamped on the wrapper or carton. It is important to understand what "best before" actually means.

Not An Expiry Date
The "best before" date is NOT an expiry date. The product is guaranteed to be at its best until the "best before" date. After that date the product may begin to lose its flavour or freshness but it is still perfectly fit for consumption.

Best Before Dates At Blighty's
When you order online your product will have a "best before" date that is at least 30 days after your purchase date. If a product in stock has a shorter "best before" date we will seek your approval before shipping.

Best Before Dates Eliminated
The UK government has announced that it will remove the requirement for manufacturers to print a "best before" date on many food products. This move was made because huge quantities of perfectly good food were being discarded due to unrealistic and unnecessary, but (previously) legally required "best before" dates.

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