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Thorntons Toffee

Thorntons has been making toffee for over 80 years. The recipe they use today remains faithful to the one originally created in 1925 by Stanley Thornton, son of the company's founder Joseph William Thornton.

A perfectionist, it took Stanley over 50 attempts to create a recipe that he thought was the correct taste and texture. The secret to Thorntons Special Toffee is the combination of fine quality ingredients, sourced from around the globe, and the timing of adding them to the toffee as it cooks.

Thorntons toffee is cooked slowly in small individual pans without emulsifiers or stabilizers. This is integral to the toffee taste and is why Thorntons Special Toffee clumps together.

To enjoy Thorntons Special Toffee at its best, tap the box firmly prior to opening to separate the pieces inside. Thorntons Special Toffee is suitable for vegetarians; it contains no gluten and no alcohol but may contain nuts.

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