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Stute Diabetic Preserves

When you think about top quality imported British jams and marmalades the Stute brand may not be the first one to spring to mind. But don't make the mistake of overlooking this little known brand. And, even if you are not diabetic, please read on.

From Little Acorns ...
Even though the big corporations usually still produce very high quality products, it is worth taking a look at the smaller brands. When you are competing with the big brands you have to try harder. So it is with Stute Foods Limited of Bristol, England. Stute was formed in 1969 and has grown to become a leading international supplier of fine food products.

Not Just for Diabetics
Blighty's carries Stute's Diabetic Jams and Marmalades. As a type II diabetic who loves his breakfast marmalade I don't have a lot of choice. But, I can tell you quite honestly that I would keep a jar of Stute preserves in my kitchen cabinet anyway for their flavour. On the Stute Foods website the company reminds us that their preserves are not just for diabetics. Stute Diabetic Preserves can be enjoyed by anyone who can benefit from a carbohydrate-reduced diet.

Choose from Orange Extra Marmalade (Thick Cut or Thin Cut)Blackcurrant Extra Jam or Strawberry Extra Jam

Select a flavour

Unlike some other specialized diabetic foods, Stute's Diabetic Preserves don't carry a premium price tag they are just $5.99 per jar - the same price as the leading brand. Oh, and they really do taste good too!

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