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Branston Pickle

Bring out the Branston! Crosse & Blackwell Branston Pickle is one of the most popular products found in British kitchens. It's unique flavour comes from a variety of chopped veggies in a sweet brown sauce. Branston pickle took its name from the suburb of Burton-on-Trent, England where it was first made in 1922.

Branston Pickle is an essential ingredient of the traditional Ploughman's lunch. Branston works perfectly with cheeses or cold cuts. In fact if you prefer to use it in your favourite sandwiches you may prefer Branston Small Chunk. The original Branston is made with regular size chunks that make your sandwich rather lumpy. I have never had a problem using it in my sandwiches but if you like to make sandwiches using light bread you will find the Small Chunk Branston less likely to poke a hole through the bread.

The imported British Branston pickle is sweetened with sugar. Although you can sometimes find Branston on grocery store shelves in North America it is sweetened with corn syrup which gives it a somewhat different flavour.

Crosse & Blackwell Original Branston Pickle and Small Chunk Branston Pickle are available at Blighty's Tuck Stores for just $6.99 for a big 520g jar.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi John,
    Love the recipe!! You mention Steak and Kidney Pudding in your add for Suet and my parents used to sell these in their "Chippy" in Blackpool. Do you have a recipe for this "light" treat??
    Jan in Woodstock