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Heinz Sponge Puddings (and Custard)

Cosy Comfort Food
There is something so typically British about a good sponge pudding and custard for dessert, especially after a nice helping of roast beef, yorkshire pudding and three veg with lashings of gravy. With that nice full feeling inside, a warm glow comes over you and that comfy chair looks so attractive. Nestle into your favourite cushion and have a cosy nap. Ahhh!

Fast Easy Prep
Three minutes and you're done. Yes really. Open the can, remove the pudding, microwave for a minute then let it rest for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, boil a kettle, stir boiling water into your Birds Instant Custard mix, then serve and enjoy. And don't forget to shoo the cat off the easy chair for the after dinner nap.

Tricky, Dickie and Sticky
They are properly called Treacle, Spotted Dick and Sticky Toffee, but we call them "Tricky, Dickie and Sticky". They are Heinz sponge puddings. "Tricky" is traditional sponge pudding soaked in real British golden syrup. "Dickie" is sponge pudding with raisins (the "spots"). Sticky is traditional British sponge pudding covered in sticky caramel sauce.

One can, served with custard, will fill two bellies with scrumptious Heinz sponge pudding but, if you are feeding hungry, growing teens, they may want a can all to themselves. It is always best to stuff the larder with a few cans of Heinz sponge puddings so you are ready to whisk a quick, tasty and filling dessert onto the dinner table in just three minutes whenever the need arises.

The Crowning Glory - Custard!
Custard is optional but highly recommended. Birds Instant Custard is the best according to my tastebuds. Just stir it up with some boiling water and bingo, you have a delicious creamy, golden yellow custard that makes your Heinz sponge puddings taste even better.

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