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Blighty's is a CANADIAN-based business.

We welcome online customers anywhere in the world to browse our selection of imported Great British food, candies & gifts. But please note:
1. We cannot ship food & candy to destinations outside Canada

2. Shipping charges are calculated automatically at checkout for Canada only. Additional shipping charges will be incurred if your shipping address is outside Canada. You will be contacted with the option to pay a shipping surcharge or cancel your order with a full refund.

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Ready Brek

Ready Brek is a fabulous alternative to regular porridge or oatmeal cereal. It is made from finely ground oats and makes a superbly smooth porridge that is very easy to digest.

Great for kids and anybody recovering from an illness.

Ready Brek is so simple to prepare. Simply add hot milk and stir, or prepare in a microwave oven. Contains, oats, vitamins and minerals ... and nothing else.

500g package (over 16 recommended servings) $7.99

NB: Ships within Canada only.

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